• Family Connection's History

    Born out of a desire to assist struggling students and their families, NNHS Family Connection was the dream of parent volunteer, Loretta Berndt. Armed with a plan and a heart to serve, Loretta and a small, yet determined, group of parent volunteers met with high school staff to discuss the emerging needs of the NNHS families. The result was the formation of Family Connection in 2002. Loretta stood at the helm of the newly formed team of parent volunteers, whose goal was to meet the needs of the high school families experiencing difficult times. A budding donor database of fifty parent members was formed to fill the requests and a generous grant from the Exchange Club of Naperville was awarded to the grassroots organization in support of its services to the community.

    A relocation prompted Loretta to leave Family Connection after four years, but nearly a decade later, the organization she founded has expanded to include over 750 members, earned national recognition, and now serves as a template for surrounding Naperville District 203 schools. It is because of this expansion that NNHS Family Connection now has the “NNHS” distinction in the organization’s name.

    NNHS Family Connection was fortunate to have Lyndsey Kokoris as its passionate Parent Leader from 2008-2013; we are grateful for her endless enthusiasm and dedication to the program.