The NNHS Wellness Department is made up of three disciplines:
    • Physical Education
    • Health Education
    • Driver Education
    To graduate NNHS a student must complete seven (7) semesters of Physical Education + one (1) semester of Health Education.  Driver Education is an elective course.

    PE Philosophy

    District 203 Physical Education Philosophy Statement
    The Physical Education Department, as well as Naperville School District 203, has made a commitment to prepare students to live healthy, productive and physically active lives for the 21st Century.
    • Physical education will provide every student with a variety of challenges that will contribute to the development and maintenance of their physical, cognitive, and affective well-being.
    • Students will be provided with the foundation for making informed decisions that will empower them to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    • Physical Education is a lifelong process, which is the primary responsibility of the student, shared by home, district and community.

    Health Philosophy

    We believe:
    Health education is an extremely important aspect in the total educational growth of every student. In District #203, health education is based on the wellness model, which integrates the social, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical dimensions of health in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. Cooperation among the school, home, and community is imperative in providing information and values to promote wellness in every student.

    Driver Education Philosophy

    Learning to drive a car safety for a lifetime is a collection of:
    1. Developing the appropriate skills
    2. Applying appropriate decision making in a variety of traffic situations.
    3. Demonstrating a responsible attitude. 
    The NNHS staff is dedicated to creating a partnership with the student, parent, and community to provide outstanding instruction to meet the modern demands facing the teenage driver.