All Departments

  • Naperville North High School has an administrative team and eleven academic departments as well as subdivisions of these departments, plus several service areas of the school.

    Use the links below for each department website, as well as contacts to the department chairs/directors.

Department Chair Contact List

Department / Service Area D.C. / Director Email
Administration Stephanie Posey
Career & Technical Education (CTE) Melissa Oskroba
Communication Arts Helena Hitzeman
English Language Learners (EL) Heather Schild
Fine Arts Nicholas Janssen
Literacy Center Heather Schild
Learning Commons Mark Skarr
Mathematics Tim Brown
Science Jim Konrad
Social Studies Joanna Berg
Special Education Jennifer Hervey & Christina Kale;
Student Services Ebony Baker
Wellness John Fiore
World & Classical Languages Lisa Dinon