• Social Studies

    Social Studies Department Philosophy

    Broadly defined the term "social studies" encompasses an array of more narrowly focused academic disciplines. The common element in each of those disciplines is an effort to understand some aspect of the human condition. Typically, the social studies include courses in subjects like: sociology, history, political science, economics, theology, geography and anthropology.
    The Naperville North Social Studies Department draws from among these disciplines to offer an extensive and flexible program designed to meet a wide range of student interests and educational goals. Our overarching aim is to help every student develop into an engaged and responsible citizen.  
    Two and one-half credits in the social sciences are required for graduation: one credit (two semesters) of US History and one half credit (one semester) in Government.  Three credits of social science are either required or recommended for admission into Illinois public colleges and universities.  A comprehensive program in social science should include at least one additional elective. 
    Of course the faculty of the NNHS Social Studies Department happily encourages students to explore their interests in the social sciences at greater depth. You are always welcome in our department and in our classrooms.