• Testing Office
  • Dist. 203 Assessment Philosophy

    In District 203, assessment is an integral part of a student's educational experience. The primary goal of assessment is to improve student learning. Therefore, educators need to have the knowledge and skills necessary to create, administer, and interpret assessments. Any one assessment is a limited source of information and must be used in conjunction with all other available information about a student.

    In order to increase student achievement and create an environment that supports lifelong learning, educators must form a partnership with students and parents by involving them in the assessment and evaluation process. When assessments are used and interpreted properly, the results provide information that is valuable in designing educational opportunities that promote student achievement and meet the needs of all learners.

    Testing Coordinator Philosophy

    To support the Assessment philosophy, the responsibility of the Testing Coordinator is to communicate and administer National, State and Local tests in a timely, coordinated and collaborative manner that includes students, parents, and community and school personnel.

    Contact Information

    Judy McCormack
    Naperville North Testing Coordinator
    Office location: Main Office

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