Instructional Support Team 2 (Lf - Z)

Team Lf - Roa
Name Title Email
Jeff Farson Dean of Students (Lf-Roa)
Diane Herling Assistant (Lf-Roa)
Lisa Catalano Social Worker (Lf-Roa)
Lisa Tyler Psychologist (Lf-Roa)
Pam Seubold Nurse (Lf-Z)
Angelo Georgacopoulos Counselor (Lf-Mop)
Jennifer Witt (Part-Time) Counselor (Moq-Poe)
Erin Risler (Part-Time) Counselor (Moq-Poe)
Erin LeRoy Counselor (Pof-Sek)
Team Rob - Z
Name Title Email
Jeff DiOrio Dean of Students (Rob-Z)
Heather Donnary Assistant (Rob-Z)
Brent Terada Social Worker (Rob-Z)
Kattie Patzelt Psychologist (Rob-Z)
Pam Seubold Nurse (Lf-Z)
Erin LeRoy Counselor (Pof-Sek)
Ross Katsma Counselor (Sel-Trab)
Jennifer Wolf Counselor (Trac-Z)
  • Jessica Freed
    Asst. Principal of Student Services

    Amanda Pyzik
    Counseling Department Chair

    Lisa Johnson

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