• Instructional Support Team 1
    A-Fak: (630) 420-6505
    Fal-Lez: (630) 420-6502

Name Title Email
Amanda Pyzik Counseling Department Chair apyzik@naperville203.org
Dean of Students (A-Fak)
Jim Konrad Dean of Students (Fal-Lez) jkonrad@naperville203.org
Assistant (A-Fak)
Lauren Jamieson Assistant (Fal-Lez) ljamieson@naperville203.org
Sara Galdikas Social Worker (A-Fak) sgaldikas@naperville203.org
Brent Terada Social Worker (Fal-Lez) bterada@naperville203.org
Christopher Colson Psychologist (A-Fak) ccolson@naperville203.org
Patrick Duffy Psychologist (Fal-Lez) pduffy@naperville203.org
Jo Volkening Nurse (A-Lez) jvolkening@naperville203.org
Cynthia Bran Counselor (A-Bra) cbran@naperville203.org
Ryan Hall Counselor (Brb-Del) rlhall@naperville203.org
Molly Murray Counselor (Dem-Gif) mmurray@naperville203.org
Laura Iverson Counselor (Gig-Is) liverson@naperville203.org
Debbie Libert Counselor (It-Lez) dlibert@naperville203.org
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