• Purpose:

    PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test): The PSAT/NMSQT is a standardized exam for junior students that provides practice for the SAT Reasoning Test and result in an estimate SAT score. It gives juniors the opportunity to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship, which is awarded to the top 1% of scorers nationally. The PSAT/NMSQT measures: critical reading skills, math problem-solving skills and writing skills.

    PSAT10:  The PSAT10 is the same test as the PSAT/NMSQT, but it is administered to freshmen and sophomore students. It is great practice for the SAT because it tests the same skills and knowledge as the SAT — in a way that makes sense for the student’s grade level.  Registration is not required; the PSAT10 will be given to freshmen and sophomores during the school day in April. 

    PSAT 8/9: The PSAT 8/9 is a similar test at the PSAT10, but it is administered to freshman students. It is a great practice for the SAT because it tests the same skills and knowledge as the SAT – in a way tha makes sense for the students’ grade level. Registration is not required. All freshman are given an opportunity take this exam, at no cost, in the spring.

    What PSAT preparation is available?

    Typically students do not need to prepare for the PSAT because it is a practice test.  However, all high performing Juniors are encouraged to complete extra preparation for the PSAT/NMSQT taken in the fall of their junior year.

    Score Reporting Information

    How do I receive my PSAT/NMSQT score?
    Scores typically arrive in December. Students who take the PSAT/NMSQT will be able to access their scores through a "Collegeboard Account" that they create.  Students will be given instructions on how to create those accounts at school.

    For additional information regarding the PSAT, please visit the College Board website: