• How Does it Work (and Where Does My Money Go)?

    Every dollar of your donation helps to meet the essential needs of the NNHS school community families facing hardship. When the needs of the families are identified by staff, a brief description of the need is sent out to the Family Connection donor database via e-mail (no names mentioned) as well as suggestions on how to assist. If you choose to respond to the request, great! If not, simply delete the e-mail. There is never any pressure to help - participation is optional. Families are generally given aid - usually in the form of gift cards - during our annual Holiday Campaign, and 'Sponsor a Senior' in the Spring. As the economy has impacted more of our families, local resources such as Loaves & Fishes (www.loaves-fishes.org) are now in place to assist with basic needs such as food, utilities, and shelter. Family Connection allows for temporary means of support, while families are being referred to other resources.

    As a Family Connection donor member, you do not volunteer. The benefit of the program lies in the value of your gift—the knowledge that you bring hope and joy to the students and families you serve, as well as meaning to your own life. Please join us!