Pillar 5: Family and Community Empowerment

  • Welcome to a five-part special series of 203 in 2:03.  My name is Jacque Clermont and I am the Director of Community Relations.  Today, we launch into our final pillar of the Comprehensive Equity Plan - Family and Community Empowerment.

    The goal of Pillar 5: Family and Community Empowerment is to foster effective partnerships with families and trusted community advocates to create meaningful and inclusive engagement to support student learning and success.  This will ensure that all experiences align to the Naperville 203 Belief Statement that values the dignity and uniqueness of each individual; promotes responsible citizenship; and is the result of a collective partnership of students, staff, parents, and community.

    How will this be accomplished? Naperville 203 will engage in a transparent dialogue with all stakeholders on the structures and behaviors that support and negate equity.  We will engage District and community partners and school-based family groups to develop partnerships in building equitable and inclusive school and district experiences by continuously engaging constituent voices to improve equity­-centered practices.

    Through this pillar, Naperville 203 will: implement and expand programming for families; identify and expand community resources to support the needs of students and families; and translate resources for families who speak different languages.  Another way to support our diverse community is to offer interactive forums and other opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue and discussion on equity-related topics to generate ideas and suggestions that ultimately strengthen the learning community. Engaging our community is exciting and we look forward to expanding our programming to support our families and community members in this meaningful dialogue.  

    Collectively, we can make a difference in achieving educational equity when policies, practices, interactions, and resources are representative of, constructed by, and responsive to all people so that each individual has access to, meaningfully participates in, and has positive outcomes from high-quality learning experiences regardless of individual characteristics and group memberships. 

    Thank you Naperville 203 community for tuning in to learn more about the important work taking place within our District and for joining us on this final pillar of our Comprehensive equity plan in this episode of 203 in 2:03.

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