Equity Affinity Groups

  • Expectativas Y Directrices Para Los Grupos De Afinidad De Equidad

    Naperville 203 Equity Affinity Groups (EAGs) are employee-led and facilitated groups formed to support employees from historically marginalized* identity populations including employees of color, employees with disabilities, employees from minoritized cultural groups, and employees who identify as LGBTQ+. Through participation in EAGs, Naperville 203 staff help foster a sense of belonging and positive work environment throughout the District by actively contributing to its values, beliefs, and efforts specific to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Research suggests that having employee affinity groups for historically marginalized populations increases their overall job satisfaction, retention, and sense of belonging in the community.

    EAGs are one example of a variety of District supported activities in which staff and faculty are encouraged to participate/engage in an effort to cultivate and foster an inclusive community. Engagement in these kinds of activities may provide long-term benefits for the District, professional and personal development for the participants, and contribute to a greater sense of belonging to the Naperville 203 community, as well as employees’ ability to bring their authentic selves to work. 


    • The primary goal of EAGs is to promote diversity, inclusiveness, and belonging.

    • EAGs create a welcoming place for staff and faculty from historically marginalized who share common interests to meet and support one another’s personal and professional perspectives with respect to particular affinity groups

    • Consistent with the principles of equity, Naperville 203 acknowledges that some historically marginalized identity groups may have different needs compared to others. Therefore, some EAGs may be open to all employees who are supportive of its mission while other EAGs may focus their support on those who identify with a particular historically marginalized identity group.

    • Employee participation in EAGs is completely voluntary.

    • EAGs must adhere to Naperville 203’s policies and procedures including Board Policies 5.20, 5.120, and 5.125.


    • Contributing to an inclusive workplace by helping to attract and retain diverse employees

    • Providing an informal welcome to the District, as well as networking and mentoring opportunities for their members

    • Creating an open and welcoming space for staff from historically marginalized identity groups to meet and support one another

    • Providing an opportunity for members to directly participate in the District’s ongoing diversity and inclusion initiatives and assist the District in realizing the indicators of success outlined in the Comprehensive Equity Plan

    • Providing a resource to Naperville 203’s District Leadership to identify DEI-related needs and concerns of each EAG community in order to improve the workplace


    • A designated leader or leaders who are willing to commit to an initial term of at least two years, as well as participation in the EAG Leadership Council, which will meet at least twice during each school year with designated District leaders to identify opportunities, challenges, and ways to enhance the Naperville 203 community

    • A working mission statement, which must align with Naperville 203’s belief statements and its ongoing commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all

    • Completed application to form new EAG

    All participation in EAGs  is completely voluntary. EAG activities are considered Naperville 203 sponsored activities and must adhere to all Naperville 203 Board Policies.  


    • EAG leaders will receive district admin support in receiving professional learning related to facilitating EAGs, securing space to host meetings and events, and providing opportunities to inform staff about existing EAGs and the process to form new groups

    • Select District leadership will meet periodically with the EAG Leadership Council

    • District admin will offer EAG participants anti-discrimination training, including implicit bias training. This training will educate EAG participants about the benefits of diversity and about everyone's role in counteracting their own biases

    Note: At this time, there is no District budget line available to financially support EAGs. 

    Have a great idea for a new group or a question about the Equity Affinity Group program at Naperville 203?  Let us know by emailing rleaks@naperville203.org. 

    *Historically marginalized populations are community identity groups who have been historically (and some continue to be) denied full participation in mainstream cultural, social, political, and economic activities. Marginalized communities can include people of color, minoritized cultural groups,  LGBTQ+ people, and people with disabilities.