Pillar 2: Courageous Equity Centered Staff

  • Thank you for joining me for our special series of 203 in 2:03 focused on the Comprehensive Equity Plan.  My name is Lisa Xagas and I am the Assistant Superintendent for Student Services.  During today’s segment, I will be sharing specifics regarding our second pillar in the plan, Courageous, Equity Centered Staff.

    The goal of this pillar is to further build the capacity of all staff to ensure an inclusive, equitable school environment that fosters positive relationships and values the dignity and uniqueness of all people in our school community through ongoing professional learning, self-reflection, and transparent dialogue. 

    Through this learning, staff will understand that some existing school structures and practices create barriers to an equitable, safe, and welcoming school community.  We must all recognize that educators play a vital role in creating an inclusive environment.

    Within this work, it is important to be reflective of our own biases, decisions, and actions as well as examine and identify current instructional practices that may unintentionally create barriers to a safe and inclusive school environment for every student regardless of their abilities or experiences.  This includes implementing intentional practices, confronting implicit biases, skillfully facilitating others in understanding and eliminating their biases, and utilizing strategies for incorporating diversity of thought into our classrooms and schools. 

    We understand that this can seem daunting, but Naperville 203 is committed to providing professional learning to address the most critical gaps of knowledge and practice around equity and inclusion-related issues.  Our professional learning is designed to be student-centered and supportive of staff in their professional growth towards high expectations for all and ensuring every student feels safe, welcome, represented, and connected in the classroom. It is not designed to be divisive, shame, or blame any person or group of people.  Our focus is on ensuring that all people in our organization have the knowledge and skills to ensure that every student is prepared to navigate the ever changing post-secondary landscape and global economy. 

    We are a student-focused District and the work we are doing is keeping ALL students at the forefront. Open and honest dialogue is important to us. We will work to continue to create inclusive environments for everyone’s voice to be heard and learning to occur. 

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