Water Testing

  • A new state law requires all Illinois school districts to test water fixtures used for drinking or cooking in buildings constructed prior to 2000 occupied by pre-K through 5th grade for lead.  Naperville 203 contracted with Hygieneering, Inc. to test all water sources identified within the law in addition to schools not included with in the law’s requirement.
    The law requires the school district notify parents of any fixture that tests more than 5 ppb (parts per billion)  in school buildings identified by the law (pre-K – 5th).  
    After initial testing of the prescribed water supplies, all results were below the Lead notification level except for the following:
    • 1 fixture at Ellsworth School
    • 1 fixture at Elmwood School
    • 1 fixture at Ranch View School
    • 2 fixtures at Madison Junior High School
    All fixtures that were above the notification standard were retested and fixtures were replaced.  Replaced fixtures were again retested to ensure compliance with the law.  As a result, all school district water sources, including the fixtures sited above, are in compliance with the law.
    Questions regarding this matter can be addressed to Thomas Malamos at the Indoor Air Quality Office at Buildings and Grounds, phone number 630-983-2233