What is my student's responsibility?

    All students must use the District-issued device and may not bring another to school for use in class.  Students are required to care for their device as if it were their own property, being careful not to damage the device. The device is property of the school district and is not to be shared. It is your student's personal device for school. 
    Students are expected to sign and turn in a District policy.
    Students are solely responsible for the device issued to them and must adhere to the following:
    • Students are expected to bring their device to school each day.  The Chromebook must be charged at home overnight and brought to school each day with a fully charged battery.
    • Students must treat their device with care and never leave it in an unattended or unsecured location.
    • Students must keep their device in its protective case and exercise great care when placing it into a backpack when travelling.
    • Students may not remove or deface serial numbers, asset tags or any District applied identification.
    • Students may not change the physical appearance of their device in any way, including keyboard, screen covers, shell or casing.
    • Students are strictly prohibited from installing or running any non-native operating system on their device.  
    • Students must care for their device, keep it clean and not deface it in any way.  This includes writing on the computer shell, stickers, and decals.
    Students are also expected to exhibit good digital citizenship by engaging in responsible and respectful online behavior. More on digital citizenship as part of Digital Learning at District 203 can be found here