NNHS Student Services Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Jessica Freed Asst. Principal of Student Services jfreed@Naperville203.org (630) 420-6410
Lisa Johnson Secretary to Ms. Freed ljohnson1@naperville203.org (630) 420-6410
Amanda Pyzik Counseling Department Chair apyzik@naperville203.org (630) 420-3410
Roseann Laraia Registrar rlaraia@naperville203.org (630) 420-6528
Brian La Porte College & Career Counselor blaporte@naperville203.org (630) 420-6645
Kristy Grau College & Career Coordinator kgrau@Naperville203.org (630) 420-6645
Judy McCormack Testing Coordinator jmccormack@naperville203.org (630) 420-2897
Katie Genovesi Dean of Interventions kgenovesi@naperville203.org (630) 305-4107
Ruben Reyes MTSS Social Worker

Team A - Fak

Name Title Email
Steve Madden Dean of Students (A-Fak) smadden@naperville203.org
Kathy Hilgemann Assistant (A-Fak) khilgemann@naperville203.org
Sara Galdikas Social Worker (A-Fak) sgaldikas@naperville203.org
Christopher Colson Psychologist (A-Fak) ccolson@naperville203.org
Jo Volkening Nurse (A-Lez) jvolkening@naperville203.org
Cynthia Bran Counselor (A-Bra) cbran@naperville203.org
Ryan Hall Counselor (Brb-Del) rlhall@naperville203.org
Molly Murray Counselor (Dem-Fak) mmurray@naperville203.org

Team Fal - Lez

Name Title Email
Jim Konrad Dean of Students (Fal-Lez) jkonrad@naperville203.org
Lauren Jamieson Assistant (Fal-Lez) ljamieson@naperville203.org
Deepak Santhiraj Social Worker (Fal-Lez) dsanthiraj@naperville203.org
Patrick Duffy Psychologist (Fal-Lez) pduffy@naperville203.org
Jo Volkening Nurse (A-Lez) jvolkening@naperville203.org
Molly Murray Counselor (Fal-Gif) mmurray@naperville203.org
Laura Iverson Counselor (Gig-Is) liverson@naperville203.org
Oscar Guzman Counselor (It-Lez) oguzman@naperville203.org

Team Lf - Roa

Name Title Email
Jeff Farson Dean of Students (Lf-Roa) jfarson@naperville203.org
Diane Herling Assistant (Lf-Roa) dherling@naperville203.org
Lisa Catalano Social Worker (Lf-Roa) lcatalano@naperville203.org
Lisa Tyler Psychologist (Lf-Roa) ltyler@naperville203.org
Pam Seubold Nurse (Lf-Z) pseubold@naperville203.org
Angelo Georgacopoulos Counselor (Lf-Mop) ageorgacopoulos@naperville203.org
Jennifer Witt (Part-Time) Counselor (Moq-Poe) jwitt@naperville203.org
Erin Risler (Part-Time) Counselor (Moq-Poe) erisler@naperville203.org
Erin LeRoy Counselor (Pof-Sek) eleroy@naperville203.org

Team Rob - Z

Name Title Email
Denise Gomez Dean of Students (Rob-Z) dmgomez@naperville203.org
Heather Donnary Assistant (Rob-Z) hdonnary@naperville203.org
Brent Terada Social Worker (Rob-Z) bterada@naperville203.org
Kattie Patzelt Psychologist (Rob-Z) kpatzelt@naperville203.org
Pam Seubold Nurse (Lf-Z) pseubold@naperville203.org
Erin LeRoy Counselor (Pof-Sek) eleroy@naperville203.org
Ross Katsma Counselor (Sel-Trab) rkatsma@naperville203.org
Jennifer Wolf (Part-Time) Counselor (Trac-Z) jwolf@naperville203.org
Kruti Parikh (Part-Time) Counselor (Trac-Z) kparikh@naperville203.org
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