Building Improvement Plans

    • Beebe
      Project:  Playground Replacement
      Description: The northernmost playground on the east side of the school is on the schedule for replacement this summer.
      Estimated Completion Date:  8/15/14

    • Steeple Run
      Project:  MPR Addition/Office Renovation
      Description:  Construct multipurpose room (MPR) addition and office addition.  The new MPR will serve as the lunchroom, and will also provide more space for school activities and rental groups.  The office addition will enhance safety by providing a secure entry with better visibility for office staff.

    • Lincoln, Naperville Central
      Project:  Roof Work-Phase 2   
      Description:  Replace roof sections at Lincoln and Central that were identified by our roofing consultant’s District-wide roof evaluation as the highest priority in terms of replacement.
      Estimated Completion Date:  8/9/14

    • Madison   
      Project:  Canopy & Office Renovations
      Description:  The front canopy addition will enhance security and conserve energy by creating a vestibule with a second set of entrance doors to the lobby.  The main office renovation will enhance security by creating office space adjacent to the front lobby for the School Resource Officer, and provide management efficiencies by placing the Principal’s and Assistant Principals’ offices in close proximity.
      Estimated Completion Date:  8/9/14

    • Naperville North   
      Project:  Heating Piping Replacement-Phase 2   
      Description:  This project completes the replacement of the main heating supply lines that began last summer.  The piping is deteriorating and rusting from the outside.  Numerous leaks have been reported and repairs are difficult because of the lack of valves.   
      Estimated Completion Date:  8/9/14
      Project:  HVAC Ductwork Replacement
      Description:  Replace all of the fiberglass ductwork, and ceilings, grid work and light fixtures in these areas that date back to the original building.  The lighting will be replaced with energy-efficient LED lighting.  Ceiling tile will also be replaced.
      Estimated Completion Date:  8/9/14
      Project:  Varsity Baseball Field Renovation
      Description:  Replace fencing, backstop, scoreboard, adding new concrete walks, renovating existing press box building.  Also adding exterior stairs with a side entrance into the upper press box building.
      Estimated Completion Date:  8/9/14
      Project:  Science Lab (154)   
      Description:  Renovate outdated science lab.
      Estimated Completion Date:  8/9/14
      Project:  Contest Gym Wall Repair
      Description:  There are a total of four air shafts in the Contest Gym.  The two air shafts in the south corners are experiencing foundation settling.  This project is to stabilize the settling, improve the foundation (install helical pile deep foundations) and make repairs to the masonry.
      Estimated Completion Date:  8/9/14