NNHS Student Services Department

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Belief Statement

  • All students:

    • will develop self-advocacy skills and utilize resources within the school community in order to transition into adulthood
    • have the ability to grow in the areas of academic, social/emotional and college & career readiness
    • will have access to the tools they need to achieve balance in their definition of success

    All counselors:

    • lead, advocate and collaborate to create equitable access and opportunity for every student in the academic, social/emotional and college & career domains
    • participate in relevant professional development that promotes individual and departmental growth within the counseling profession
    • understand that students have unique ethnic, cultural, racial, academic, and sexual differences that need to be considered in their delivery of services

    The counseling program:

    • is a comprehensive 6-12 plan which meets all students' academic, social/emotional and college & career needs
    • values the importance of student's social/emotional well-being as well as their academic growth
    • is goal-orientated, data-driven, and adaptable to meet the needs of our diverse student population
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Our Mission

  • Comprehensive counseling services in Naperville 203 provide students with preventative and responsive services that promote academic, social emotional, and college & career skill development in order to advance and empower students to achieve postsecondary success.

Our Vision

  • Every student will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve personal growth and postsecondary success.