What do I do if my device is lost, damaged or stolen?

  • If a student’s device appears defective or fails to operate properly, the student is to inform the teacher who will contact the school Computer Support Associate (CSA).  A help desk ticket will be opened and the device will either be repaired or a loaner device will be issued for the student to use during the remainder of the school day or until the student’s original device is repaired and returned.

    The District will not charge a student for the repair of a device due to system failure or normal wear and tear.  Should a device be clearly broken or intentionally damaged by action of the student, the District may charge the student the cost of repair, up to and including the replacement cost of a new device.

    If a device is lost or stolen, the student or their parents/guardians must submit an immediate police report to the school Principal.  At the high school level, the School Resource Officer (SRO) or Dean may be involved in this process.  The District reserves the right to charge a student a replacement fee up to the cost of a new device.