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    R Removing Barriers

    I Individualized Support Plans

    S Service for Students

    E Empowering Families


  • What is RISE?

    RISE has two main components:

    • Removing barriers to mental health services by providing on-site services to identified students before, during, and after the school day.
    • Developing a comprehensive community wrap-around process that allows us to be responsive and flexible to the individual needs of students and families in crisis and the many barriers they can encounter when trying to access the services.

    Why RISE?

    The number of Naperville 203 students with significant mental health and behavioral needs is increasing. Their needs impact not only the individual student’s ability to access and participate fully in educational opportunities but also impact learning for all students in that classroom and the entire school building. 
    Support for a student with complex mental health and behavioral needs must be comprehensive, long-term, and address the needs of his or her family in order to make real change possible for this student.


  • Our partnership with the Naperville Education Foundation has secured funding through Edward-Elmhurst Community Investment Fund to launch RISE to meet the diverse needs of our families. Help us sustain RISE for years to come by making a gift to NEF at www.nef203.org 

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