• Business Council
    Mission Statement: 
    Council members identify and promote robust employer engagement to increase opportunities for authentic Naperville 203 student learning experiences in partnership with the business community. 
    Becky Bekkali, NDP Convention & Vistiors Bureau; Public Service/Education/Government/Non-Profit
    Tom Belgio, Belgio's Catering; Business/Legal/Financial Services 
    Doug Busch, Molex; STEM
    Karyn Charvat, Power Forward DuPage; Public Service/Education/Government/Non-Profit
    Colin Dalough, Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce; Public Service/Education/Government/Non-Profit
    Dave Dudley, Expeditors; Business/Legal/Financial Services
    Jim George, UPS Stores & Advertising; Fine Arts/Entertainment/Communication 
    Jim Godo, North Central College; Education
    Matt Hitchens, Newman Architecture; Business/Legal/Financial Services
    Scott Kolbe, Sikich; Business/Financial, Marketing
    Maureen Kunz, Linden Oaks Behavior Health; Health Care/Medical/Nursing
    Julie Mueller, Universal Technical Institute; Education
    Brian Ondyak, Performance Services; STEM
    Kevin Piket, QTS Data Centers; STEM
    Julie Relihan, Junior Achievement; Business/Legal/Financial Services
    Adam Russo, Edgewood Clinical Services; Health Care/Medical/Nursing
    Marcie Schatz, City of Naperville; Public Service/Education/Government/Non-Profit
    Mark Trembacki, Retired Financial Executive, Business/Legal/Financial Services
    Jane Wernette, Naperville Community Television 17; Fine Arts/Entertainment/Communication
    Megan Wojtkla, BASF; STEM
    Naperville 203 
    Lynn Andrees, NCHS Career & Tech Education Director; Public Service/Education/Government/Non-Profit
    Kristine Gericke, Naperville 203 Board of Education; Public Service/Education/Government/Non-Profit
    Zach Ernest, Assistant Principal, Scott Elementary; Public Service/Education/Government/Non-Profit
    Jill Hlavacek, Naperville 203 Director of Innovation & Learning; Public Service/Education/Government/Non-Profit
    Paul Leong, Naperville 203 Board of Education; Public Service/Education/Government/Non-Profit
    Bryan Peckhart, NNHS Career & Technical Education Director;Public Service/Education/Government/Non-Profit
    Janet Sommerville, Naperville 203 Project Manager; Public Service/Education/Government/Non-Profit
    Andrea Szczepanski, MJHS Assist. Principal; Public Service/Education/Government/Non-Profit
    Bob Ross, Naperville 203 Chief Operation Officer; Public Service/Education/Government/Non-Profit
    Nancy Voise, Naperville 203 Asst. Supt. for Secondary Education; Public Service/Education/Government/Non-Profit
    Jayne Willard, Naperville 203 Asst. Supt. for Curriculum & Instruction; Public Service/Education/Government/Non-Profit