School Family Community Partnership (SFCP) Core Team

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    The core team is comprised of parents, principals and staff representatives for the three school levels, as well as members of the community, district administration and school board.
    The core team's mission is to promote, facilitate and support the individual school SFCP team's work and serve as liaison to the district initiatives and community resources, including those offered by best practice districts.

    Core Team Members

    Gina Baumgartner - Principal, River Woods Elementary 
    Julie Carlsen - Co-Chair, Director of Community Relations, District 203
    Kacie Chitwood - Co-Chair, Parent, WJHS, NNHS
    Stacy Colgan - Social Worker Supervisor
    Debbie Crossett- Parent, JJHS
    Pamela Dandridge - Parent, JJHS
    Dee Dauber - Parent, NNHS
    Erica Eysturlid, Counselor, LJHS 
    Marion Friebus-Flaman - Director of Language Acquisition Services, District 203
    Hannah Koo - Parent, Meadow Glens, MJHS, NCHS
    Katie Peterson - Parent, LJHS, NCHS
    Mariella Romano - Parent, WJHS, NNHS 
    Brian Valek - Principal, KJHS
    Abigaile VanHorn - North Central College
    Donna Wandke - Board of Education, District 203