School Family Community Partnership Background

  • SFCP logo School Family Community Partnership (SFCP) Mission Statement

    The School Family Community Partnership is an organization composed of staff and parent volunteers working together at every school to provide activities for students, families and community members for the purpose of enriching the students’ experiences and supporting each school improvement plan.
    For over two decades, District 203 partnered with Dr. Joyce Epstein at the National Network of Partnership Schools sharing research and best practices around a model designed to leverage school/family/community resources to ensure the best outcomes for all children in our schools.
    There are many reasons for developing school, family and community partnerships. They can improve school programs and school climate, provide family services and support, increase parents' skills and leadership, connect families with others in the school and in the community and help teachers with their work. However, the main reason to create such partnerships is to help all youngsters succeed in school and in later life. When parents, teachers, students, and others view one another as partners in education, a caring community forms around students and begins its work.

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