• Please check Naperville 203's Talk203 e-Newsletter from Thursday, Feb. 10, 2022, for a link to the Voluntary Student Vaccination/Booster Reporting form

    Update: 2/9/2022

    Student Booster Information May Now Be Submitted

    In addition to initial vaccination doses, booster vaccination doses administered to students who are 16 years of age and older may now be submitted. If you have already submitted a vaccination form, you may submit a new form to submit student booster information or you may provide booster information to your student’s Health Office to have the information recorded directly into Infinite Campus.

    Naperville 203 closely follows guidance issued by the Illinois Department of Public Health, the CDC, and the DuPage County Health Department regarding COVID-19 health and safety mitigation strategies. 

    Naperville 203 is responsible for the well-being of all students and staff within the district. Therefore, in the case of a positive COVID-19 case and/or a close contact, the district will continue to follow outlined steps to communicate and engage in COVID-19 related contact tracing.

    Rationale for Offering a Student Vaccination Reporting Option 

    Naperville 203 values the fair treatment of all students. Naperville 203 does not require parents to report the vaccination status of students 5 years and over and we respect individual decisions made by every family. 

    During the past year, some families and students have experienced frustrations with requests to quarantine and/or participate in contact tracing during the school-year and throughout the summer. When necessary, families/students have reactively provided Naperville 203 with vaccination and 90-day COVID-19 information to receive exemptions from participating in contact tracing and quarantine expectations. 

    As a proactive approach, Naperville 203 families/students have the option to voluntarily report a student’s vaccination status to be exempt from COVID-19 related processes when symptoms are not present. Once provided, this information will be confidentially stored in our student information system, Infinite Campus, and under the supervision of our Health Office. 

    While reporting this information is completely voluntary, there are benefits to providing this information now, rather than after a case is opened. Here are the benefits to voluntarily reporting the vaccination status of your student:

    • Vaccinated students will be exempt from participating in contact tracing, if symptoms are not present
    • Vaccinated students will be exempt from requests to quarantine and will not have to miss in-person learning or co-curricular experiences, if symptoms are not present

    Ways to Voluntarily Report Student Vaccination Information 

    There are several ways that families/students can voluntarily report vaccination information. Please review and consider various options and opportunities to voluntarily report student vaccination information. The information only needs to be submitted once. 

    Electronic Voluntary Student Vaccination Reporting 

    Families/students may submit a Voluntary Student Vaccination Reporting form (A link to submit the Voluntary Student Vaccination Reporting form was emailed to all Naperville 203 families in the TALK203 e-Newsletter on Thursday, Jan. 6) form for students 5 years old and older. You must use a Google account to submit this form. Parents/guardians may use their student’s account if they do not already have one (or may create a free Google account at this time). All required fields are necessary and requested documentation must be uploaded to process the request. Once reviewed, documentation will not be stored by the district and it will be destroyed. 

    *Please note, the form cannot be used to submit sports physicals or other school-based required immunization documents. The form is only for student vaccination information and only needs to be submitted one time. Once the information is entered into Infinite Campus, it will pertain to all facets of the school (i.e. school-day, co-curricular activities, and school-sponsored events). Students who plan to try-out or participate in sports can submit the electronic form, if preferred. Student-athletes do not have to submit the vaccination information in-person to the Athletic Office. 

    Again, this option is completely voluntary and is a proactive approach to managing our Covid-19 mitigation strategies. If a decision is made not to volunteer this information, families/students will engage in our general process for managing COVID-19 situations and will be contacted if a need arises for contact tracing. 

    In-person Voluntary Student Vaccination Reporting Options 

    Students/parents may bring documented proof of vaccination for students 5 years old or older to the Health Office located within each school during regular school hours.

    Protecting Student Vaccination Information

    There are limited Naperville 203 employees who have access to student health-related information. The following staff members will have access to student vaccination information, due to their roles/responsibilities within the district in managing COVID-19 related processes. 

    • District and building administrators (i.e. Principals, APs, Deans, Asst. Superintendents, and designated assistants)
    • Athletic Directors and assistants 
    • Health Office staff (i.e. nurses and health assistants) 

    In addition to limiting Naperville 203 employees with access to student vaccination information, there are additional safeguards that have been implemented.

    The district will not maintain student vaccination documents, once the vaccination dates are verified and entered into Infinite Campus. 

    • During the in-person process, the student/parent will show the approved Naperville 203 employee the vaccination documentation. The information will be entered into Infinite Campus immediately and the student/parent will maintain all vaccination documentation.
    • For the electronic process, all electronically submitted documents will be permanently deleted and destroyed by the district after verified vaccination dates are entered into Infinite Campus. 

    Voluntary student vaccination reporting is completely optional and is a proactive approach to limit interruptions to teaching, learning, and student engagement across our schools.