Vision and Hearing Screenings

  • Vision and hearing screenings are provided annually to District 203 students at the State-mandated grade levels, as designated by the Illinois Department of Public Health. All students in special education programs, students transferring into the District who have not previously been screened, and students to be tested related to classroom teacher requests are screened during this annual program.
    Scheduled intervals for Vision and Hearing screenings are as follows:
  • Vision screenings
    • Preschool, Kindergarten, 2nd and 8th grades
    • Special Education students (includes students in speech)
    • Foster care and transfer students from out of state

Vision and Hearing Screening Dates 2019

    School Screening Date Known Audio  Rescreen Date
    ARECC 11/02/2021 11/03/2021   11/16/2021
    Beebe 09/14/2021   09/28/2021
    Ellsworth 09/13/2021   09/27/2021
    Elmwood 10/26/2021   11/09/2021
    Highlands 10/20/2021   11/10/2021
    Kingsley 09/07/2021   09/22/2021
    Maplebrook 10/05/2021   10/19/2021
    Meadow Glens 10/21/2021   11/04/2021
    Mill Street 10/21/2019   11/10/2021
    Naper 10/28/2021   09/24/2021
    Prairie 10/18/2021   11/01/2021
    Ranch View 09/29/2021   10/13/2021
    River Woods 09/08/2021   09/23/2021
    Scott 09/15/2021   09/30/2021
    Steeple Run 11/05/2021   11/19/2021
    JJHS 11/04/2021   11/17/2021
    KJHS 09/27/2021   10/12/2021
    LJHS 09/09/2021   09/23/2021
    MJHS 09/16/2021   09/30/2021
    WJHS 10/22/2021   11/01/2021
    NCHS n/a   n/a
    NNHS 10/19/2021  10/15/2021 10/29/2021
    Connections 09/22/2021   10/06/2021
    Bridge 09/10/2021   09/24/2021


  • Hearing screenings
    • Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades
    • Special Education students (includes students in speech)
    • Foster Care and transfer students from out of state
    • Students having known or suspected hearing loss
  • Parents and teachers may request screenings of student related to specific concerns at any time. District 203 nurses and trained health technicians also do vision and hearing screenings throughout the school year as needed.
    These screenings generally take place September through November depending upon the school. Please see the District Calendar for month-by-month events including vision and hearing screenings at each school.
    If your child is referred to a physician following a screening, forms for completion by the physician can be obtained on the Forms and Resources (link) page.


    The school nurse can perform Scoliosis screenings per parent request. If you have concerns regarding your child and a possible postural deformity of the spine (i.e., scoliosis, kyphosis), please contact your child’s assigned school nurse. A list of assigned school nurses and phone numbers is provided on the Health Office Staff by School page.