• Naperville 203 Transportation 

    All students are required to wear a mask/face covering in order to ride Naperville 203 buses or other forms of transportation provided by the district. The district may deny students access to transportation for non-compliance, but will make every effort to partner with students, parents/guardians, and building administrators to support compliance and access to the district’s transportation. 

    Students will be reminded of the district’s expectations for mask-wearing. The district will also engage in age-appropriate efforts towards compliance, which may vary due to the age of the student. These efforts are not limited to, but may include one or more of the following strategies:

    • Offer students a mask
    • Discuss the expectations with students and/or parent/guardians
    • Designate seating for younger students, not in compliance 
    • Implement seating charts for all students 
    • Deny entrance/access to the bus, with expectation for parental transport 
    • Submit student bus referral to building administration to document concerns