Masks/Face Coverings

  • Masks/Face Coverings 

    Masks must be worn indoors by all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to P-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status. Masks should be worn correctly by all individuals (age 2 and older). Mask wearing is not optional. Masks are required to access all of our buildings and participate in our instructional and co-curricular programming. Masks are also required for all students who utilize transportation provided by Naperville 203.

    Students should arrive at school with a mask on and will not be allowed to access/enter the building without one on. In the case that a student arrives without a mask, building personnel will offer students a mask. 

    While the district maintains the right to refuse student access to school due to issues with mask compliance, the district will discuss the expectations with students, provide opportunities for compliance, and partner with parents before limiting student access to the building. Since masking requirements are due to health and safety concerns, students who refuse to comply after being provided with resources and opportunities to comply, will be sent home or remain in school. Students will remain in a designated area that is removed from the general student population. 

    The district will take a progressive behavioral intervention approach, beginning with supportive conversations with students and parents/guardians, written/documented behavioral referrals, team meetings and other approaches. As approaches are exhausted, building administrators will begin to shift more towards heighted behavioral consequences. We remain hopeful that students will understand our efforts to consider the well-being of our entire school community and will have limited issues with the requirements. We want all students to learn and engage in their classes, co-curricular sports and activities, and we will partner with families to minimize disruptions to full student engagement.