2020 Strategic Blueprint

  • Community engagement is an essential role in Naperville School District 203. To reflect the community’s needs and to build on the community’s strengths, District 203 seeks and acts on comprehensive community input. Over the last year, the District has partnered with community stakeholders to help develop the vision and future for our schools. Called Future Focus 203, the nine-month community engagement process brought together members of the community – families, residents, staff – to study and deliberate on key issues.  This helped inform future planning in four key areas. These four areas comprise the District’s Strategic Blueprint, called Focus2020. Benchmark commitments 2016 are:

    Strategic Focus 1: Design and implement effective practices that promote learning experiences for all.

    Strategic Focus 2: Foster an equitable high performance culture focused on student learning.

    Strategic Focus 3: Steward resources effectively to promote student learning.

    Strategic Focus 4: Steward effective communication and community relations