Strategic Focus 1

  • Focus 1

    Design and implement effective practices that enhance academic, social-emotional, and college, career, and post-secondary readiness for all students 



    1. Design and embed college and career skill building across all disciplines to enhance academic, SEL and workplace readiness for all students. 

    2. Conduct an analysis and update the junior high school exploratory programs and experiences to ensure relevance, rigor, and alignment to current student interests and industry trends. 

    3. Conduct an analysis of innovative school day models that support effective MTSS and flexible use of time and space that responds to the student of the future.

    4. Conduct an analysis of student services support systems to ensure students’ exceptional needs are met through an efficient and effective resource model

    5. Conduct an analysis of early childhood experiences, facilities, resources, staffing, and outcomes to make recommendations for future programming.

    6. Conduct an analysis of the current alternative education programs and consider recommendations for effective in district programming

    7. Design and implement relevant, high quality learning models that foster personalized environments to meet diverse students' interests and needs through blended and online learning structures. 

    8. Conduct an analysis of the current gifted/advanced programming in the district and consider recommendations for future practice