Distribution of Materials via Virtual Backpack

  • Naperville Community Unit School District 203 Schools
    Distribution of all materials must be approved through:
    District 203 Administrative Center
    203 West Hillside Road, Naperville, IL 60540
    (630) 420-6300
    The following criteria will act as guidelines for consideration of all materials submitted for online distribution:
    1. All activities or information should be educational in focus and support Naperville 203 goals and mission. Activities which have a parent education focus will be considered if directly contributing to the educational needs of the students.
    2. A request will be considered if the following apply to your organization. It is: a Naperville civic or intergovernmental agency; a DuPage County civic or intergovernmental agency, a non-profit higher education institution located in DuPage County; a non-profit organization/agency located within Naperville 203 boundaries; a national non-profit with a registered local branch within Naperville 203 boundaries; an official school-business partner and/or the event/activity will be held on Naperville 203-owned properties.
    3. Materials for commercial organizations other than official school-business partners will not be permitted. School-business partners may only promote those events which meet an educational focus for our students or parents.
    4. An organization may be asked to submit a rationale seeking permission to distribute materials. Verification of non-profit/not-for-profit status will be required at time of submission request and kept on file for future reference.
    5. Activities should not conflict with public tax-supported efforts already in effect.
    6. Activities should have a community-wide appeal and be significant for the portion of the population served by the boundaries of Naperville 203 or address a need that is being unmet for an underserved student population within the Naperville 203 community.
    7. Applications should be made ten days prior to the desired distribution date and one copy of the proposed announcement must accompany the request for distribution.
    8. The following disclaimer MUST be included on each flyer: "The distribution of this information and materials through the school district does not imply District 203 endorsement."
    9. Flyers from school-business partners must place the primary focus (80%) on the event or activity being promoted. The line: “Registered School-Business Partner of District 203” must appear on the material.
    10. An organization may be limited to one (1) request per month and a limited posting time of six (6) weeks per request.
    11. The district will not approve anything that requires solicitation for local service organizations. The district will not participate in the collection of money or pledges.