Virtual Backpack

  • Virtual Backpack logo The Virtual Backpack for District 203, is our "eco-friendly" approach to distributing information that supports the school district's educational goals and mission submitted for consideration from non-profit organizations and intergovernmental agencies.  We do not distribute any information to student backpacks.

    If you would like to submit a flyer to the Virtual Backpack, please complete the following steps:


    1. Fill out a Virtual Backpack Request form.
    2. Create flier as a PDF - only PDF documents will be accepted.
    3. The following disclaimer MUST be included on each flyer: "The distribution of this information and materials through the school district does not imply Naperville 203 endorsement." 
    4. Email Virtual Backpack Request Form with PDF to America Villalobos (, at least 10 days in advance of the desired posting date.
    5. Prior to submitting, please review the distribution guidelines carefully.


    Approval of materials is at the sole discretion of Naperville 203 administration; please be advised that we have very specific guidelines governing the distribution of materials through our communication systems. Requesting organizations must be located within Naperville 203 boundaries.