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    Student Internet Safety

    • The pages listed below state the privacy policy of Naperville Community Unit School District 203 (“District 203”) regarding the privacy rights of the visitors and users of the District 203 web sites (herein collectively referred to as the “Site”). We respect your concern over your right to privacy and for a secure online experience.

      By accessing www.naperville203.org and its affiliated websites, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy.
    • About Children and Internet Safety

      District 203 is concerned about the safety of children when they use the Internet. Pursuant to the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) of 2001, District 203 will never knowingly request personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 13 without prior verifiable parental consent. CIPA mandates that filtering is in place to block offensive content on school and library computers, including obscene pictures, pornographic images and content harmful to minors.

      District 203 follows the guidelines of Illinois Public Act 095-0869 regarding Internet Safety Curriculum. This law states that: “Beginning with the 2009-2010 school year, a school district must incorporate into the school curriculum a component on Internet safety to be taught at least once each school year to students in grade 3 or above.”

      The following areas are covered:
      1. Safe and responsible use of social networking websites, chat rooms, electronic mail, bulletin boards, instant messaging, and other means of communication on the Internet.
      2. Recognizing, avoiding, and reporting online solicitations of students, their classmates, and their friends by sexual predators.
      3. Risks of transmitting personal information on the Internet.
      4. Recognizing and avoiding unsolicited or deceptive communications received online.
      5. Recognizing and reporting online harassment and cyber-bullying.
      6. Reporting illegal activities and communications on the Internet.
      7. Copyright laws on written materials, photographs, music, and video.
    • Videotaping and Photographing of Students


      During the course of the school year, your children will be involved in many school activities that may be captured on video or photographed for sharing and/or placement on the school or District web pages.

      Videotaping and photographing of students in special education settings for non-educational purposes will be authorized only with parental consent. Outside of special education settings, students may be videotaped or photographed by parents, observers, school employees, students and news media personnel from time to time while participating in school activities.

      If you desire that your student not be videotaped or photographed in these circumstances, outside of special education settings, please contact the principal to discuss reasonable restrictions. Denial of Permission forms (Denial of Permission Spanish Form) requesting that students' images and/or work not be reproduced in the media are to be sent to the school principal.


Tip203-Reporting a Concern

  • If a legitimate and genuine concern about the safety of a student has come to your attention, you may notify school or District staff in the following ways:


    1. Contact a school principal or District administrator by phone. Numbers where these staff members can be reached are listed on the Staff Directory.
    2. Email the school principal or District administrator using the email links provided in the Staff Directory.


    FOR JUNIOR HIGH AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AND PARENTS: Use the forms below to submit the concern anonymously. We realize that sometimes it may be difficult for an individual to personally address a concern, especially when the information may have come to your attention through a third party.


    Tip203 Online Reporting Forms


    A component to our ongoing effort toward maintaining a safe learning environment is Tip203. The purpose of Tip203 is to allow students, parents, or anyone with a legitimate concern related to school safety an anonymous vehicle by which they may communicate those concerns. When appropriate, school administrations strongly encourage individuals to make personal contact with the school faculty to discuss safety concerns. However, we recognize that there are times when it may be difficult for an individual to personally bring forward a concern.


    Jefferson Junior High School Tip203 form
    Kennedy Junior High School Tip203 form
    Lincoln Junior High School Tip203 form
    Madison Junior High School Tip203 form
    Washington Junior High School Tip203 form


    Naperville Central High School Tip203 form
    Naperville North High School Tip203 form


    Commitment to Safety

    District 203 is committed to creating safe and secure schools for all of our students. We know that this is best accomplished when a partnership exists between students, families, community, and schools.


    Bullying, intimidation, and harassment diminish a student’s ability to learn and a school’s ability to educate. Preventing students from engaging in these disruptive behaviors is an important District goal. Board of Education Policy 7:180 outlines Naperville Community Unit School District 203’s policy for preventing bullying, intimidation, and harassment. The Board of Education and Administration take seriously their role in ensuring a safe learning environment for all students.


    Anytime the immediate safety or well-being of an individual is at stake, please CALL local authorities and school administrators immediately. If you have information about an incident that has happened or you believe may take place, you are encouraged to submit information via Tip203. Every effort will be made to maintain confidentiality. All concerns will be investigated in a timely manner by the appropriate personnel.


    Whether your concern is regarding an incident that has already occurred or one that is about to take place, please submit your issue along with any details you have and let us investigate. Information you provide to Tip203 may include, but is not limited t fights or assaults; incidents of bullying; harassment; intimidation; cyber-bullying; use or sale of drugs; or any crime against children or the school.

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