District Leadership Team

First name Last name Title Phone Email
Dan Bridges Superintendent of Schools (630) 420-6311 dbridges@naperville203.org
Roger Brunelle Chief Information Officer (630) 420-6473 rbrunelle@naperville203.org
Dr. Jennifer Hester Schalk Chief Academic Officer (630) 420-6321 jhester@naperville203.org
Carol Hetman Chief Human Resources Officer (630) 420-6315 chetman@naperville203.org
Dr. Christine Igoe Assistant Superintendent for Student Services (630) 420-6465 cigoe@naperville203.org
Bob Ross Chief Operating Officer (630) 420-6311 bross@naperville203.org
Chuck Freundt Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education (630) 420-6318 cfreundt@naperville203.org
Patrick Nolten Assistant Superintendent for Assessment and Accountability (630) 420-6551 pnolten@naperville203.org
Jayne Willard Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction (630) 420-6321 jwillard@naperville203.org
Melanie Brown Director of Finance and Support (630) 420-6538 mbrown@naperville203.org
Jennifer Donatelli Director of Curriculum and Instruction (630) 848-5495 jdonatelli@naperville203.org
Gina Herrmann Director of Human Resources (630) 420-6320 gherrmann@naperville203.org
Joe Jaruseski Director of IT Infrastructure (630) 420-6473 jjaruseski@naperville203.org
Steve Mathis Director of Buildings and Grounds (630) 420-6326 smathis@naperville203.org
Gretchen Gallois Director of Human Resources (630) 420-6315 ggallois@naperville203.org
Cindy LaBorn Director of Transportation (630) 420-6464 claborn@naperville203.org
Sinikka Mondini Executive Director of Communications (630) 420-6412 smondini@naperville203.org
Jill Hlavacek Director of Innovation and Learning (630) 717-4340 jhlavacek@Naperville203.org
Dr. Marion Freibus-Flaman Director of Language Acquisition (630) 983-2501 mfriebusflaman@naperville203.org
Ken Wilson Director of Applications and Data Management (630) 420-6828 kwilson@naperville203.org
Lisa Xagas Director of Student Services (630) 420-6564 lxagas@naperville203.org
Nancy Voise Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education (630) 420-6318 nvoise@naperville203.org
Rakeda Leaks Executive Director of Diversity and Inclusion 630-328-5800 rleaks@naperville203.org
Lou Cammiso Director of Safety and Security (630) 328-5820 LCammiso@Naperville203.org
Michael Frances Chief Financial Officer 630-420-6324 mfrances@naperville203.org
Jacque Clermont Director of Community Relations 630-420-6815 jclermont@naperville203.org