Appeals Process

  • Placement for services in District 203’s academically talented programs (Honors Math, Project IDEA, Project IDEA +) is determined by meeting established criteria. Placement is carefully determined after considering student assessment data and classroom performance.
    When is the appeals process appropriate?
    In some instances, a student does not meet the criteria for further testing or for services, but the student may exhibit evidence that demonstrates placement in an academically talented program(s) may be appropriate. Under these circumstances, school personnel, parents/guardians, or the student can initiate the appeals process delineated below.
    What are the steps of the appeals process?
    • The individual initiating the appeal submits the Appeals Request to Learning Services. The Appeals Request is available on the district website
      • Submit Appeals Request via email to  or via mail to Learning Services, Attn: Appeals Committee, 203 W. Hillside Road, Naperville, IL 60540 
      • Deadlines for appeals are posted on the Appeals Request
    • The Coordinator will inform the student’s parent/guardian(s), teacher(s), and school counselor (at the junior high level) that the Appeals Request has been received and that the appeals process has been initiated.
    • The Appeals Committee will review the new information from the appeals process: 
      • To determine if CogAT TESTING is needed after Performance Series testing
      • To determine if FURTHER TESTING is needed
      • To come to consensus to make a PLACEMENT DECISION
    • The Appeals Committee will communicate the decision to the following: 
      • the administration at the student’s school
      • the parent/guardian of the student
    What are the potential outcomes?
    The Appeals Committee, consisting of a team of district professionals, will review information submitted with the Appeals Request along with relevant past and present assessment data. The Appeals Committee will come to consensus in order to make one of the following possible decisions:
    • The student is eligible for further testing.
    • The student’s current placement is appropriate.
    • The student is given provisional placement for the first year in the program. Placement will be reviewed at the end of each trimester. 
    The committee’s decision is final for all placement appeals for the school year.

    What information is requested?
    Please select the link below to learn the information that is requested. The Appeals Request should be completed by the individual initiating the appeals process; individuals should not solicit others to appeal on their behalf.

    • Grade 3 Honors Math Appeals Request for Further Testing must be received no later than September 25, 2017.


    • Grade 3 Appeals Request for Placement in Honors Math must be received no later than October 30, 2017.


    Please return the Appeals Request and optional artifact 
    via email to Gifted and Talented Services,
    or by mail to Learning Services, Attn: Appeals Committee, 203 W. Hillside Road, Naperville, IL 60540.