Wall Street Society

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    Are you interested in investing in stocks?

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    What is Wall Street Society? Wall Street Society, usually referred to as “Wall Street”, is a student-run investment club, where we pool our funds and decide as a group what stocks to invest in. Currently, our portfolio consists of over $28,000 in 18 different stocks including Apple, Intel, Disney, Caterpillar and Bristol Myer Squibb. In the last year, our yield was over 25%!


    When and Where? Wall Street Society meets every other Wednesday in room 39 at 6:30 pm. For a detailed calendar, please see one of our advisors.


    Why join? You will learn about how to invest in stocks and earning some money in the process. Each member contributes a minimum of $100 dollars and up to $500 each year. Members may withdraw their money after they graduate or continue to invest in Wall Street Society for as long as they like. Many of our members have kept their money in for over 10 years and tripled their initial investment. Plus, food is provided at every meeting. Additionally, we have several guest speakers each year.


    How do I join? Pick up an application in room 39 from Mrs. Bell or talk to any Wall Street Society member.