CTE Department

  • CTE Department photo

    First Row:  Lindsey Page, Megan Cosgrove, Aislinn Hicks, Leah Johnson, Melissa Keller, Katie Barry, Nikole Epstein
    Second Row: Sean Rauen, Dan Kischuk, Brad Neubauer, Derek Miller, Brian Dunn, Chris Feid
    Third Row: Denise Marsala, Kevin Hayes, Terri Rorer Collins, Grace Tweitmeyer, Erin Kelly-Own (substitute), Lynn Andrees, Christine Bell
    Not Pictured: Amanda Haiser, Wright King, Brett Thompson

Career & Technical Education Staff

Teacher First Name Last Name Discipline Phone 1(630)- Email
Lynn Andrees Teaching 1, Teaching 2, Department Chair 420-6458 landrees@naperville203.org
Katie Barry Consumer Economics, International Business, Marketing, Tech Edge 369-2710 kbarry@naperville203.org
Christine Bell Advanced Marketing, Advertising, Introduction to Business, Marketing, On-line Consumer Economics 420-6591 clbell@naperville203.org
Terri Collins Culinary Arts and Nutrition 1, Health Occupations, Interior Design, Fashion Design 420-6253 trorer@naperville203.org
Megan Cosgrove Culinary 1 and 2, Blended Senior Foods 328-5801 mcosgrove@naperville203.org
Brian Dunn Graphics 1, 2, and 3, Consumer Economics 369-2736 bdunn@naperville203.org
Nikole Epstein Accounting 1, Computer Programming 1, Introduction to Business 369-2651 nepstein@naperville203.org
Chris Feid Automotive 1, 2, and 3, Research & Design, Drafting 1 420-6618 cfeid@naperville203.org
Amanda Haiser Senior Foods, Intro to Health Occupations, Health Occupations, Consumer Economics 579-7235 ahaiser@naperville203.org
Kevin Hayes AP Computer Science, Computer Programming 1 & 2, Software Engineering 369-2770 khayes@naperville203.org
Aislinn Hicks Accounting 1, Consumer Economics, Honors Accounting 369-5108 ahicks@naperville203.org
Melissa Keller Early Childhood Education 1 & 2 579-7288 mkeller@naperville203.org
Erin Kelly-Owen ekellyowen@naperville203.org
Wright King Research & Design, Geometry in Construction, Engineering Design Studio, Workshop Elements 369-2728 wking@naperville203.org
Dan Kischuk Drafting 1, Information Technology Systems 1 & 2, Blended PLTW Cybersecurity, Electronics 579-7209 dkischuk@naperville203.org
Derek Miller Programming 1 & 2, Web Page Design, Tech Edge, Game Design 420-2821 djmiller@naperville203.org
Brad Neubauer Business Law, INCubator, Blended Business ACCELerated 369-2324 bneubauer@naperville203.org
Lindsey Page Senior Foods, Blended Consumer Economics lpage@naperville203.org
Sean Rauen Companion Animal, Veterinary Science, Plant Science, Food Science srauen@naperville203.org
Brett Thompson Electronics 420-6415 bthompson@naperville203.org