Academically Talented

  • District 203 provides programs and services available to meet the needs of academically talented students in grades kindergarten through high school. The document District 203 Overview of Gifted and Talented Services District 203 Overview of Gifted and Talented Services (Spanish) provides a convenient summary of the information on this website.

    Academically Talented Belief Statements

    • We believe that a student’s talents and gifts manifest themselves in multiple ways across all cultural and economic strata and at different times during a student’s academic journey. 
    • We believe that all students should be educated and nurtured in a climate where their talents and potential are valued and fostered. 
    • We believe that all students should be supported and challenged by a program of study with rigorous and relevant curriculum so that students can achieve at levels commensurate with their intellect and ability and reach their full potential.
    • We believe that all students who exhibit exceptional intellect or who perform, or have demonstrated the potential to perform, at superior levels when compared to others of their age, experience, and/or environment in academic disciplines should have advanced learning opportunities available to them.
    Identification Placement Services  

    Identification: the progression of testing a student may follow to determine if that student is eligible for gifted and academically talented services.

    Placement: once a student’s scores meet the criteria and the student is identified as qualifying for a service, he/she is granted placement in a program. Placement is typically granted through meeting the criteria on a matrix but can also be achieved through the appeals process. 

    Services: for students who exhibit ability and achievement through the identification and placement process, District 203 offers the following programs. For a progression of studies and courses, click here




    Honors Mathematics (HM)


    Identification and Placement

    Project IDEA (PI)

    English Language Arts

    Identification and Placement

    Project IDEA Plus (PI+)

    Integrated Core Subject Areas

    HM, PI, Identification and Placement