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SchooLinks: 6-12th grade Course Selection, College and Career Readiness

SchooLinks Parent Introduction Video

  • To help us enhance our curriculum, we have adopted a new college and career readiness platform - SchooLinks. SchooLinks is available to all students from sixth to twelfth grade. A student’s SchooLinks account moves with them from year-to-year, and from Junior High to High School. It allows students to track experiences, create four year academic plans, and supports students through the college search & application process. Throughout the school year, counselors utilize a combination of the College & Career Counseling Curriculum and SchooLinks to prepare our students for postsecondary planning

    • Tool for 6-12 students
    • Moves with them each year and houses evidence of learning & experiences
    • Also use it to help every student create a 4-year plan of academic learning, for college search and application, for capturing volunteer and work experience

    SchooLinks helps support the entire student planning journey from 6th grade to Senior year. Together, as educators, families, and community, it is our mission to educate students to be self-directed learners, collaborative workers, complex thinkers, quality producers, and community contributors. This tool launches our mission forward and with your involvement creates a pathway for all students.

    Click the Logo Below to see the SchooLinks Dashboard.


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Last Modified on October 27, 2022