The Optimistic School Community: A Welcome Message from Superintendent Dan Bridges

What is the purpose of the Optimistic School Community series?

  • The Optimistic School Community provides invaluable tools and techniques to assist us in focusing on wellness during these unprecedented times. The series focuses on:

    • Developing a resilient and positive mindset
    • The impact of social connections on positivity and rational optimism for wellbeing
    • Building individual and family happiness habits for self-care
    • Raising the levels of happiness of yourself, family, staff, and students
    • Creating a positive and adaptive mindset

    What is the Optimistic School Community Series? 

    • A set of six interactive modules that includes 5-15 minute videos with accompanying activities and resources designed to build a positive mindset and foster social-emotional well-being for our students. 
    • All six modules are self-paced and can be completed at your own leisure.
    • The series begins on Monday, February 1, with two modules being released each week. (Click HERE to view the series calendar)
    • There will also be three interactive live virtual sessions from 7:00p.m. - 8:00p.m. in the evening that will highlight the themes of each week. (Click HERE to register for the live sessions)

Shawn Achor Video Message for Families

  • Shawn Achor – Positive Psychology Expert

    • Most Popular Course on Harvard Campus for 7 years
    • Top 15 Most-Watched TED Talks of All Time (22 Million)
    • International Best-selling Books “The Happiness Advantage”, “The Orange Frog” and “Big Potential”
    • Most popular training “Workshop on Happiness and Optimism”


    In order to strengthen our core mission of a commitment to excellence is the hallmark of Naperville 203. As a school and community partnership, our promise is to provide the highest quality educational experience we can envision and to support families. During this time our primary focus is on creating a highly positive school community that recognizes the importance of positivity, optimism, and hope.

    Positive Psychology

    Positive psychology focuses on the positive events and influences in life, including:

    • Deepens student, family, and community development.
    • Positive experiences (like happiness, joy, inspiration, and love).
    • Positive states and traits (like gratituderesilience, and compassion).
    • Positive households (applying positive principles within families).
  • Module 1: Happiness & Gratitude in Challenging Times Video
  • Module 2: Increase Social Connection in a time of Social Distancing Video
  • Module 3: Inoculating Your Brain About Anxiety & Stress Video. Launch Date is February 8th
  • Module 4: Being Adaptive in the Midst of Uncertainty & Change Video. Launch Date is February 8th.
  • Module 5: Uncovering Possibilities with a Growth Mindset Video. Launch date is February 15th.
  • Module 6: Restart Forward Progress - Creating a Virtuous Cycle Video. Launch date is February 15th.