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Surveillance Screening

  • In partnership with SafeGuard Surveillance, LLC, Naperville 203 will be offering weekly screening tests for COVID-19 to all staff and secondary-level students.  The goal of the program is early identification of potential COVID cases so that we can reduce transmission of the virus and quarantines due to close contacts, especially from asymptomatic individuals.  Ultimately, we believe this mitigation strategy will allow us to begin a hybrid learning model. This voluntary program will provide an additional mitigation strategy to complement the other practices in place including wearing masks, social distancing, and symptom monitoring.

    The saliva-based test will be administered once a week and will screen for high viral loads of the COVID-19 virus. SafeGuard Surveillance, LLC will provide results to the district within 24-hours, and individuals with a clinical finding will be notified of the next steps. The test does not make a diagnosis but identifies individuals who need to seek a PCR COVID-19 test. The test is extremely accurate, with 99.9% of clinical findings resulting in a positive COVID-19 test.


    twice-weekly screening tests for COVID-19 will be available to students in grades 6-12 who are attending in-person learning and all District staff.  All participants will be asked to fill out an opt-in form.  Families will get a student-specific message to log into Parent Campus to fill out the opt-in form and staff will receive an email message.  If the deadline has passed, please contact your school's front office to sign-up.  To review the waiver, please click here.


    Students and staff participating in our surveillance screening program will also receive a notice of a positive clinical finding via text and email message alerting them to stay home.  Follow-up calls will occur as soon as possible from the health office or human resources if their sample comes back with a positive clinical finding.

    Timeline for Testing:

    • April 8 - Phase 2 opt-in deadline.
    • Week of April 19 - Phase 2 surveillance screening begins.

    Directions for Providing your Saliva Sample:

    It is strongly recommended that you provide your sample as close to the time you are dropping it off as possible. Please be sure you do not eat, drink, or brush your teeth within 30 minutes of providing the sample. .

    Once you have your testing kit and are ready to submit a saliva sample:

    1. Wash your hands
    2. Remove a test tube from the kit.
    3. Take one small straw out of your kit and remove the paper from the straw.
    4. Place the straw in the test tube. 
    5. Using the straw, spit a few times into the tube.
    6. Lightly push air through the straw to move saliva into the tube. You do not need to fill the entire tube. 
    7. Once you are finished with the straw, you can throw it out.
    8. Close the tube and press the top down tightly. Wipe off the tube with a disinfectant wipe.
    9. Place the unique barcode label ONLY to the test tube.  The barcode should be lengthwise on the test tube. It is important that you do not place the label with your name of the test tube. 
    10. Put the filled test tube into one of the small envelopes and seal it.
    11. Your sample is now ready to be dropped off. 

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