General Return to Learn FAQs

  • What are the stages of the Return to Learn 2.0 plan?

  • Will volunteers be allowed in school buildings?

  • Can parents/guardians attend IEP Meetings in school buildings?

eLearning FAQs

  • What is eLearning?

  • What does an eLearning day look like?

  • What are the daily instructional minutes expectations?

  • How will students be informed of their assignments?

  • Will my child engage in all of their classes?

  • How will teachers take attendance?

  • How and when are teachers available for support?

  • How will students engage with their classes, teachers, and classmates?

  • What are the eLearning grading and reporting expectations?

  • What if a student is ill on an eLearning day and cannot complete the work?

  • How will students get extra support if needed?

  • If my child starts the year in eLearning, will they be able to continue to be in that model all year?

  • Will Driver’s Ed be offered through eLearning?

  • Will early childhood, kindergarten, and first-grade students have district devices for use at home?

  • How do these changes impact early childhood students?

Enhanced eLearning

  • What is enhanced eLearning?

  • What does an enhanced eLearning day look like?

  • Which students will participate in small group instruction? How will that be determined?

  • How often will students participate in in-person instruction?

  • What does “slowly phase in” mean for students?

  • Will all students have the opportunity to participate in-person learning during this stage?

  • Will early childhood, kindergarten, and first-grade students have district devices for use at home?

  • Will all classes that include labs allow for in-person instruction during enhanced elearning?

  • What if a student has technical issues that prevent them from completing the work?

  • Where can we get support and troubleshooting for any issues with our devices

Hybrid FAQs

  • What is a Hybrid Model?

  • How will my student be graded in the Hybrid Model?

  • What are the expectations for family involvement?

  • Will my student participate in standardized testing?

  • My student has an IEP or a 504 plan, will he/she receive the accommodations and modifications listed in his/her IEP?

  • What if my student falls behind and/or struggles?

  • Is my student able to participate if we do not have Wi-Fi access?

Health & Safety FAQs

  • Will students be allowed to sanitize or wash their hands more frequently?

  • Are face coverings required when individuals are outside?

  • Can face shields be used in lieu of face coverings?

  • Can Naperville 203 teachers use face shields for instruction?

  • How does Naperville 203 determine if an individual meets an exception to the face covering requirements?

  • How will Naperville 203 handle individuals who refuse to wear face coverings?

  • Will my student be supplied a face covering or do I need to provide one?

  • What happens if my student forgets or loses their face covering?

  • Will staff need to provide their own face covering?

  • What happens if staff forgets their face covering?

  • If I am medically unable to wear a face covering, how do I apply for an accommodation or exemption?

  • Are Naperville 203 students and staff in a school building required to wear a face covering at all times?

  • How will Naperville 203 schools administer symptom screening for students?

  • What should families/staff do if someone in your home has tested positive for COVID-19?

  • Will students and staff be notified of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in a school building?

Transportation FAQs

  • Will my student have transportation available once in-person learning begins?

  • Will social distancing need to be maintained on school busses?

  • What PPE is required for riding the bus and how often are they cleaned