Childcare FAQs

  • When does child care begin?

    Childcare providers are ready for children as early as 7:00am on Tuesday, October 20, 2020. 

    May I enroll any of my children?

    Due to space and staffing limitations, only children who are enrolled as a K-5 student in a D203 school for the 2020-2021 school year may be enrolled in child care. 

    How do I enroll my elementary student for child care?

    Families who have already enrolled in YMCA or Champions can login to their account to make adjustments to their schedule. Families who are new to YMCA or Champions should email the contact as listed on the website.

    Is there a deadline to enroll for child care?

    YMCA and Champions are dedicated to providing child care to any elementary student who is in need. 

    Who are the child care staff?

    The staff are hired by YMCA or Champions and are not D203 employees. They will engage students in meaningful activity before and after the school day. However, during the school day students will be expected to follow their classroom schedule and engage in eLearning as if they were at home. Staff will supervise to ensure they are maintaining focus on their school work and coach students to request assistance from their teacher as needed. 

    What academic support will my child receive?

    Child care staff are not licensed teachers but will support students as much as possible while they are involved in eLearning during the school day. 

    What should my student bring to child care each day?

    Students must bring their fully charged device (Chromebook/iPad), charging cord, headphones that include a built-in microphone and other traditional school supplies such as pencils, folders, and notebook paper. It is also recommended that your child brings a labeled water bottle filled with water prior to being dropped off. Drinking fountains in the schools will not be accessible for health reasons other than those that have a water bottle filling station. 

    Will lunch be available for my child during the school day?

    It is recommended that children bring a hearty, healthy, nut-free lunch from home. As an option,  you may also purchase lunch through Aramark-D203’s food service vendor. Lunch is not included in the enrollment fee and must be paid for separately. Lunch information, including the menu, will be provided to families upon enrollment. 

    Will the children have recess during the day like a normal school day?

    Each child will be expected to follow their classroom schedule. If there's a break in their schedule, we will provide indoor or outdoor space for them to move.

    Will special accommodations be available for my student?

    Individualized needs of students should be discussed with the YMCA or Champions contact person listed on the website before enrolling. 

    Will children and staff be required to wear a mask?

    Yes. Child care guidelines require that all individuals wear a face mask when indoors except when eating or drinking. Masks do not need to be worn outdoors when social distancing is possible.

    Will child care be monitoring health symptoms of children and staff?

    Yes. Upon arrival, each child and staff member will have their temperature checked before entering the school. Additionally, staff and parents will be asked a series of questions to ensure we are all doing our part to keep each other healthy.

    How will the child care spaces be sanitized?

    High touch areas such as tabletops will be disinfected on a scheduled basis throughout each day. Restrooms will also be disinfected several times throughout the day and every night. Students and staff will use hand sanitizer each time they enter the building as well as coming and going from the classroom space. Child care spaces will be fully sanitized and cleaned every night.

    Will I be notified if there is a positive COVID-19 test of a child or staff member?

    All positive cases will be reported to the local health department. You will be notified if your child had close contact or casual contact with an individual who tested positive. In some cases, children may be in separate spaces within the school and not have any contact with other children. In those cases, you would not be notified unless the health department recommends we do so. 

    Is financial assistance available for child care?

    We have set our enrollment fees with an understanding that child care can be a significant expense to families especially during this global pandemic. Financial assistance is available to families based on household income levels. You can estimate potential financial assistance using the calculator at Illinois Child Care Assistance Program. This program will be used as the primary means of providing financial assistance to families in need. The YMCA or Champions contact is available to provide further assistance in this regard.  

    Who do I contact with questions about child care?

    Please contact the YMCA or Champions based on the school your child attends. The contact information is listed on the D203 Return to Learn Childcare site