• School Resource Officers (SRO)

    Naperville 203 believes the foundation of all learning is a safe, respectful, and supportive school
    environment. The purpose of our behavior policy is to encourage positive, constructive, and
    responsible student behavior and to create an environment conducive to learning. All rules and
    guidelines within this policy are built on the following core principles; the consideration for the
    rights and well-being of others, cooperation with all members of the school community, and
    respect for oneself and others.

    When a student engages in behavior that disrupts the learning environment or is contrary to
    school rules, staff work to guide and support the student in understanding how his/her actions
    impact their learning or the learning of others. In addition, staff engage the student in a
    conversation regarding how to meet the expectation in the future.

    Creating an environment that promotes learning for all is a top priority of Naperville 203. We
    recognize the importance of addressing any behaviors that impede the learning of our students.
    To support our efforts, the District collaborates with our local police departments to provide
    School Resource Officers (SRO) who engage in mentoring, teaching and building relationships
    with our students, staff, and families as a means to develop a positive learning environment.