3D Printing

  • How to Create a 3D Print with the Learning Commons Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer  

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    Create a 3D print using Tinkercad, a free design program, https://www.tinkercad.com/ .  Other programs may be used, but may not work on Chromebooks.

      • Create a free account.
      • Go through the tutorial, if you want.
      • Click on ‘Create a New Design.’
      • Drag and drop a shape to your workplane.
        1. Click and drag any of the dots or squares to change the size of your shape.
        2. Click and drag on the curved arrows to rotate the shape along an axis.
        3. Click on the box in the top left hand corner to view the design from different angles.  
        4. Add more shapes to your design.  Shift and click on shapes that are touching to group them together.
        5. Be sure to review your design from all angles, even from below.
        6. When finished, click on ‘Export’ and select STL format.
      • At this point, you can share your STL design file with Mrs. Gottlieb or Mr. Hayward to be imported into CURA. If you want to do that yourself, continue on to the CURA section below.

    Design Tips: 

      • The bottom must be a flat surface (you can turn your model to make a side be the bottom.
      • Vertical openings don’t work well because the filament won’t have anything to adhere to
      • Superfine details get lost
      • For complex prints, consider breaking the model into multiple pieces and gluing together, or using supports.

     Sample 3d prints

    Import your design into CURA:

      • The CURA program is located on the desktop next to the 3D printer.  While it is a free program, it cannot be downloaded onto the Chromebooks.
      • Drag and drop your STL file into the workplane, or click on
      • The program will ‘slice’ your design and give you an estimate of the size,  time and material needed to print.  You will need this information to fill out the print request form.
      • You can scale the design up or down.  Keep in mind that find detail won’t show up well if scaled down too much.
      • You can rotate or mirror your design.
      • The settings should be set as shown below, if they are not already set to these standards.
      • Save the file to an SD card, including your name in the file name.  We have SD cards you can borrow at the circulation desk.  Also include the .STL file on the SD card.
      • Fill out the 3D Print Request Form and give it along with the SD card to Mrs. Gottlieb or Mr. Hayward.  The approval process may take up to 24 hours.  If you are using Tinkercad, we recommend that you share your design with Mrs. Gottlieb.  Click on the ‘Collaborate’ icon and email the link to cgottlieb@naperville203.org .  Prints will be organized by color, and then by time approved.  Large prints (> 2 hours) may be printed over the weekend.  In general, expect a minimum of a 24 hour turnaround time.



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