• Focus 203

Focus 203

  • Focus 203 comes as a result of feedback we heard from the community throughout the Future Focus 203 Community Engagement process.  You spoke and District 203 listened. Participants throughout Future Focus commented that they appreciated hearing about our school district, our celebrations, our challenges, and our vision. Focus 203 provides an interactive forum where we gather to engage in meaningful dialogue and discussion on topics of mutual interest to generate ideas and suggestions that ultimately strengthen our learning community.

    Each of our sessions follows a timed agenda starting with an informational presentation about the topic for the workshop, followed by a small group work activity giving participants the opportunity to respond to the presentation.
    These engagement sessions are not conducive to the format of an open forum or debate. They are educational work sessions, focused on results and reaching consensus or collective decisions as a group.
    We want to maximize our time to be as positive and productive as possible, while still allowing for the free exchange of ideas. The intent is to involve a large number of people that is as representative of the community as possible.

    This website contains copies of our presentations, verbatim responses from each small group’s worksheet, and an executive summary reflecting the collective work of all participants at the session. We also post a video of the presentations on this site.