8th Grade Parent Night

  • The 2020 8th Grade Parent Night is being held in a pre-recorded and virtual format. A video will be available on December 14th and a live, virtual Q&A session will be held on December 16th at 6:30pm, hosted by Jackie Thornton, Assistant Principal and Erica Eystrulid, Department Chair for Counseling. Please watch the video before attending the Q&A.

    Presentation Slides

    After viewing this presentation, if you have additional questions about the transition to NCHS, please join Mrs. Thornton and  Dr. Eysturlid  at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, December 16th for a question and answer session about the high school transition.

    Primary Zoom link:  https://naperville203.zoom.us/j/96986802250?pwd=YzAzdUQyaXNSVURUSUZJRmpFSnRNUT09

    Zoom is limited to 300 participants.  If there are more than 300 participants and you are not able to access the original link, please select this secondary link ttps://naperville203.zoom.us/j/7260720285.

Timeline for Course Selection for 8th Graders

  • The course registration process for 8th graders begins in January and is complete when the high school counselors meet with 8th grade students to review and finalize the course plans submitted in SchooLinks. The timeline listed below will help you understand each step of the process.  NCHS encourages students to thoroughly read course descriptions and ask questions to ensure that they are making the best choices for their individual needs. Please refer to the full Program Planning Guide for more information.

    Timeline for Course Selection for 8th Graders (Planning for 2021-22)

    • January 7th-8th - High school counselors meet virtually with 8th graders to provide an overview of the course planning process and the changes students face when transitioning from 8th grade to high school.
      • Kennedy JH - January 7th
      • Jefferson JH - January 8th
      • Lincoln JH - January 8th
      • Madison JH - January 8th
    • January 7th - 8th graders receive course recommendations
    • January 11th - Freshman Family Orientation Video Available
    • Jaunary 13th-14th - Department Chairs/Teachers Q&A
    • January 16th - Building and Department Tours
    • January 22nd - Deadline to submit course plans in SchooLinks (see instructions below)
    • January 26th-28th - High school counselors meet briefly with each student to finalize and submit course plans
      • Lincoln JH - January 26th
      • Madison JH - January 27th
      • Kennedy JH - January 28th
      • Jefferson JH - January

SchooLinks Course Planner Instructions

  • In early January your student will receive a high school Course Selection Worksheet that has recommendations initialed by their 8th grade teachers. Please follow those recommendations and direct questions to the High School Department Chairs during the arranged Q&A time. 

    Students MUST submit Course Plans into the SchooLinks Course Planner prior to January 22, 2021. Please follow SchooLinks Course Plan instructions

    When selecting core classes, students should enter what was recommended by their teachers. Students should be entering 7 total credits each year for a full day. Students do not need to enter lunch. Year-long classes are bundled together and only need to be added once. Semester 1 course codes end with a 1, and semester 2 codes end with a 2. 

    Students need to advance through each academic area in SchooLinks until they reach the end. SchooLinks will inform students if they are meeting graduation requirements or if there are any errors. Students will be required to choose 3 alternate elective courses. Then students will click on “View Plan Summary” to see all the courses for which they have planned. SchooLinks will show a green check if a requirement has been met and a red error message if there is an error. After students are done with the course plan, click on “Submit Plan” on the top right corner. Students CAN submit a course plan with errors, but will be required to type a note indicating why the errors are not relevant. Counselors will review course plans with students. 

    As a reminder, courses that are in the course plan beyond next school year can be changed and will be reviewed annually. Only the courses students have planned for NEXT school year will be locked in after meeting with a counselor.

Planning for High School and Graduation

  • As you plan for your freshman year, follow the recommendations of your 8th grade teachers and counselor in order to be on track to meet high school graduation requirements. Some students like to plan ahead by starting a 4-year Plan. Your focus should be on selecting the appropriate courses for a successful first year of high school. Counselors will assist students each year as they plan for their graduation requirements.

    Graduation Requirements

    Notes to Consider:

    1. Please see Communication Arts section for information on specific classes needed at each grade.
    2. Prior to entering high school or during high school, students must pass Algebra 1.
    3. Students must pass one credit of U.S. History and .5 credit of American Government.
    4. The Fine Art requirement may be fulfilled by passing any of the music, art, or theater department classes.
    5. The Career & Technology Education credit requirement may be fulfilled by passing two semester classes within the following departments: Agriscience Education, Business, Family & Consumer Science, Technology & Engineering Education
    6. Every student is required to enroll in Physical Education each semester of attendance except when enrolled in Health Education sophomore year.
    7. The Consumer Economics requirement can be fulfilled by passing one of the following courses: Consumer Economics, Online Consumer Economics, AP Macro & Micro (must pass both), or Economics.
    8. Electives are considered to be any course listed in the NCHS Program Planning Guide that is not fulfilling another graduation requirement.