General Information for 8th Graders

  • The course registration process for 8th graders begins in January and is complete in February when the high school counselors meet with 8th grade students to review and finalize the selections that have been entered into the student portal of Infinite Campus. The timeline listed below will help you understand each step of the process.  NCHS encourages students to thoroughly read course descriptions and ask questions to ensure that they are making the best choices for their individual needs. Please refer to the full Program Planning Guide for more information.

Timeline for Course Selection for Junior High Students

  • In December -- High School counselors go to each Junior High to meet with 8th grade students. At these meetings counselors will provide an overview of the course selection process for students. They will also discuss the changes that students face when they move from 8th grade to high school.    


    Kennedy JH - December 4th
    Lincoln JH - December 5th
    Madison JH and Jefferson JH- December 6th


    Presented by Jackie Thornton, Assistant Principal and Karen Lemanski, Director of Student Services
    In January – The first week back after break, your student will receive a high school Course Selection Worksheet that has recommendations initialed by their 8th grade teachers. Please follow those recommendations and direct questions to the High School Instructional Coordinators during Freshman Family Orientation.  Once students receive their course recommendations they will see a new tab in the student portal of Infinite Campus for high school course registration. Students should enter their recommended courses and electives in the portal, print and return a copy of their course requests to their 8th grade counselor. The instructions to add course requests in Infinite Campus are in the Program Planning Guide.
    January 9, 2019 – Freshman Family Orientation

    January 9th to 25th – Student Course Registration tab in Infinite Campus is open for students to enter course requests.

    In Late January/Early February
    – High School Counselors return to the Junior Highs to meet briefly with each student to finalize and review course requests.
    Jefferson - January 30th
    Kennedy - February 1st
    Lincoln - February 4th
    Madison - February 5th

Planning for High School and Graduation

  • As you plan for Freshman Year, you only need to follow the recommendations of your 8th grade teachers and counselor in order to be on track to meet high school graduation requirements. Some students like to plan ahead by starting a 4-year Plan. At this point it is NOT essential that you attempt to plan for all four years of high school. Your focus should be on selecting the appropriate courses for a successful first year of high school. Counselors will assist students each year as they plan for their graduation requirements.
Subject Areas Amount of Credit needed to graduate
1. Communication Arts 4.0
2. Mathematics 3.0
3. Science 2.0
4. Social Studies 2.5
5. Fine Arts 0.5
6. Career and Technical Education 1.0
7. Physical Education 3.5
7. Health 0.5
8. Consumer Economics 0.5
9. Electives 3.5
    1. Please see Communication Arts section for information on specific classes needed at each grade.
    2. Prior to entering high school or during high school, students must pass Algebra 1. 
    3. The following courses will meet NCHS Science graduation requirements but will not meet college admission requirements for science:  Companion Animal Biology, Advanced Companion Animal Biology, Electronics 1&2, Food Science
    4. Students must pass one credit of U.S. History and .5 credit of American Government.
    5. The Fine Art requirement may be fulfilled by passing any of the music or art department classes as well as the following classes:
      • From Communication Arts – Mass Media, Film as Literature, Creative Writing
      • From Social Studies – Humanities 1 or Humanities 2
      • From Family & Consumer Science – Fashion Merchandising, Interior Design
      • From Career & Technical Ed – Graphics 1, Architectural Drafting, Advanced Floral Design
      • From Theater - Acting, Advanced Acting, Play Production
    6. The Career & Technology Education credit requirement may be fulfilled by passing two semester classes within the following departments: Business Technology, Family & Consumer Science, Technical Education
    7. Every student is required to enroll in Physical Education each semester of attendance except when enrolled in Health Education sophomore year.
    8. The Consumer Economics requirement can be fulfilled by passing one of the following courses: Consumer Economics, Online Consumer Economics, AP Macro & Micro (must pass both), or Economics.
    9. Electives are considered to be any course listed in the NCHS Course Description book this is not fulfilling another graduation requirement.