• Naperville Central High School

    Be The Three

    (Be)³ known as Be the Three is a multi-part school-wide initiative to eliminate bullying and harassment in our school community. Nationwide, bullying is a known problem impacting countless students every day. We know how important feeling safe, respected and part of a positive community are for every student and their achievement academically and personally. To this end, we initiated a school-wide campaign to address harassment at NCHS using research-validated interventions and strategies.

    (Be)³ refers to being the third person/bystander in a situation in which someone is victimized or hurting. Powerful data indicates bystander activism as an area for tremendous potential impact on school culture, safety and decreasing bullying in school environments. Studies indicate that in nearly 50 percent of cases bullying incidents end in less than 10 seconds when bystanders assert disapproval. We have focused on teaching students the strategies for being positive impacts at NCHS.

    The three primary research-validated strategies we teach students are to:
    1) Be the one to report
    2) Be the one to distract or diminish the audience
    3) Be the one to support
    To report harassment anonymously via TIP203, click on the icon below:

    For more information on how you can get involved with the (Be)³ campaign, please contact:

    Dean of Students Pete Flaherty, 630.420.6435

    Dean of Students Mike Stock, 630.420.6437

    If you would like more information regarding bullying and harassment, please check out the links below: