• Naperville Central High School

    Be The Three
     At NCHS, we are committed to providing a safe environment  for  teaching  and  learning. (Be)³ means to be the 3rd person in any situation regarding student and staff safety and overall school climate. By being the 3rd  person,  you  look  out  for  the wellbeing of others. Be a positive bystander by helping in a situation where someone  is unable  to help themselves. Look out for the safety of all at NCHS and say something if you see something that doesn’t seem right.

     At Naperville Central, we are concerned about bullying because the physical and emotional safety of  students is our number one responsibility each  day. We support the Illinois School Code’s and District 203 Board of Education’s anti-bullying policies because a student who is being bullied is being denied equal opportunity to participate in our educational program, and he or she is being isolated and demeaned.

     When dealing with harassment we encourage students to:

    1. Step up to advocate for the victim by removing him/her from the situation.
    2. Support the targeted person by being a friend.
    3. Tell someone!!! This is the single best strategy to stop harassment from occurring.

    -Report the harassment to a teacher
    -Report the harassment to someone in student services, preferably the Deans.
    -Report the harassment anonymously via Tip203