School Absence Reporting Phone Numbers

School Attendance Office Phone
Naperville Central High School (630)420-6966

Attendance/Absence Reporting

  • There is a positive relationship between regular attendance and academic success and student growth and performance. All students are required by law to be in attendance at school each day that school is officially in session. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children’s regular attendance.

    Reporting an absence

    Parent/guardian must call the school prior to 7:45 a.m. to report absences. In most cases a recording device will be used.
    Provide the following necessary information:
    1)    Date
    2)    Student’s name and ID number (please spell the last name slowly)
    3)    Grade
    4)    Reason for absence

    Excused absences are illness, observance of certain religious holidays, a death in the family or medical or dental appointments that cannot be arranged outside of school hours.
    See Attendance Line FAQs below for more information.     

    Unreported Absences

    If a student is absent and the parent has not called in, school personnel will attempt to contact the parents/guardian at home or at work. If the attempt to contact the parent is unsuccessful, the school will then attempt to contact the emergency numbers that have been designated on the emergency card. If no one can be reached, the school administrator will be notified and he/she will determine what further action is necessary. This procedure is being used to ensure the safety of our students.

    Late Arrivals

    Students arriving to school late must report to the office before attending class. If the student has been reported absent in the morning and decides to return to school in the afternoon, they must report to the office upon returning.

    Unexcused Absences

    Removing students from school for vacations is strongly discouraged. If such a situation is unavoidable, school personnel should be informed as soon as possible. Students will be responsible for all work missed and it may not be practical or feasible for teachers to provide work for students in advance.

    Excessive Absences

    School personnel track attendance, both absences and tardies. The school will contact parents when the number of absences becomes a concern. If absences continue after contact is made, school personnel may request a parent conference.  Excessive absences will be brought to the attention of the county truancy officer.

Attendance Line FAQs

  • 1.  What is the number for the attendance line?
    •  (630) 420-6966

    2.  Will the attendance office staff receive my message?

    • Yes.  They check the voice mail constantly.  Even if this is a last minute appointment, they will get the message.

    3.  What is the most effective way to excuse my student form school during the day?

    • The easiest way to excuse a student from school is to send the student with a note.  He or she takes that note to the attendance office.  The staff will immediately hand the student a pass for later that day.

    4.  What option do I choose if my student has an appointment, but is coming back to school?

    • This is still considered an early dismissal.  Just leave that information on the voice mail.  Early dismissal is any time the student leaves the school whether or not he or she is coming back.

    5.  What is the process after I leave a message on the attendance line?

    • A pass will be written for your student and he or she will need to pick it up before school, or during lunch or passing periods at the attendance office.  We no longer deliver passes to classrooms.  The time you call them out is the time he or she will be released from class.  Please allow for extra time to stop at a locker and make his or her way to the exit.
     6.  Why is the absence/tardy still showing up on Campus Portal?
    • It is still considered an absence even if it is excused.