General #203 Home & School 2021-22 Slate of Candidates

  • Dani Bourgeios - President

    I am interested in the President position. I am the current General H&S Secretary, wrapping up my second year. I am also the SFCP Chair at Mill Street. My husband, Jared, and I moved to Naperville in the Spring of 2015 with our three children, James, Luke & Emily. James is an 8th grader and Luke is a 6th grader at Jefferson Jr High, and Emily is a 4th grader at Mill Street Elementary. Since my oldest started Kindergarten, I have been a Room Parent, Classroom Party Volunteer, Library/LC Volunteer, Room Parent Chair, Restaurant Night Chair, and served as H&S President at Mill Street Elementary. I have loved my time being home full-time with my kids - I consider myself lucky to be in their schools as often as I am. 

    Our family is very involved with the Cub Scouts as Jared is the Cubmaster for Mill Street's Pack 562 and I am the Charter Organization Rep and the (girls) Wolf Den Leader. In addition to my love for volunteer work, I have a passion for running, cycling, and weight-lifting. I compete in both the Naperville Women's Half Marathon and Naperville Half Marathon yearly. I also joined Team NEF for the past three years and am completely hooked - it is an amazing experience! 

    When I don't know how to do something, I have the determination to learn and work until I figure it out. I have wanted to compete in Triathlons for many years but have always been deterred by the swim, as I've not had a day of swim lessons in my life. On the other hand, Jared is a swimmer and spent high school summers as a lifeguard at his neighborhood pool. While on vacation at Elkhart Lake, WI four years ago, I told Jared I was not leaving without knowing how to do the freestyle stroke. So, we took to the lake and began a journey I've been so glad I started. He worked with me a bit every day -- time and time again I'd suck in water and come up coughing. Jared told me, "you just have to keep going, it will come." So I kept on, and I still remember the exhilaration and freedom I felt when I made the whole width of the swimming area without stopping once! I finally competed in my first (indoor) Triathlon two years ago, and have competed in the last three Naperville Sprint Triathlons. I look forward to competing again this August.

    Tammy Schultz - Vice-President

    Current Home & School Position:
    WJHS President

    Children and Schools:
    Sophomore at NNHS, Freshman at NNHS, 6th grader at WJHS

    Previous Home & School Positions:

    Manna (gift cards) chair 2 years at Prairie
    Fifth Grade Special Projects co-chair: Prairie
    Magazine Chair at WJHS
    Prairie VP: 1 year
    Prairie President: 1 year
    WJHS President: 2 years

    Community Volunteer Positions:

    YMCA Healthy Kid co-chair
    Hobson Village Social Chair Board Member
    Woods of Bailey Hobson Social Chair Board Member
    Woods of Bailey Hobson Membership Director 

    What makes you a good candidate for the General Home & School Exec Board?  Why do you want to be a member of the Board?

    I hope to bring some knowledge with kids at every grade school level to the board.  I’ve been in the trenches in the elementary level, I’m waist-deep at the junior high level currently and I’m dipping my toe into the high school.  I think I have the experience to hopefully help with the fundraising efforts at the Junior High but also the patience and honestly, the love of education, and the respect for the district. 

    Additional information you’d like to share with the Nominations Committee:

    Prior to my kids, I was a school social worker.  My mom was a Spanish teacher and then a guidance counselor.  My dad was chairman of our school board.  I respect volunteers and teachers so much and genuinely am humbled to try to connect our families and school staff to build a stronger community. 

    Melanie Lucero - Treasurer

    General Home & School Position Being Sought: 
    General Home & School Treasurer 

    Current Home & School Position: 
    General Home & School Treasurer 

    Children and Schools: 
    Frankie Lee - Kindergarten at River Woods Elementary 

    Previous Home & School Positions: 
    Treasurer at Ann Reid Early Childhood Center (2019-2020) 
    Social Committee Chair at Ann Reid Early Childhood Center (2018-2019) 

    Community Volunteer Positions: 
    Girl Scout Troop Leader 

    What makes you a good candidate for the General Home & School Exec Board? Why do you want to be a member of the Board? 

    I currently serve on the General Home and School Exec Board as General Treasurer. Prior to that, I held the Treasurer role at Ann Reid. During my time as a Treasurer, I have worked to create strong budgets and establish financial transparency and uniformity within Home and School. This school year has endured many challenges for everyone but I am always happy to help Home and School Treasurers in any way that I can so they can perform their volunteer roles effectively. I love volunteering my time within the school and the community and look forward to continuing that in the next year. 

    Emily Kozlowski - Secretary

    Current Home & School Position: 
    Prairie Elementary Home & School President 

    Children and Schools: 
    I have one son, Benjamin, who is in third grade at Prairie Elementary. 

    Previous Home & School Positions: 
    President, 2020-2021 
    Vice President, 2019-2020 
    Book Fair Committee Co-Chairperson, 2018-Present 
    Staff Appreciation-Gifts Committee Co-Chairperson, 2019-2021 
    Room Parent, 2017-Present 
    Art Awareness Parent, 2017-Present 
    Adult Social Committee Member, 2019-2021 
    Home & School Lead for the League of Women Voters of Naperville Candidate Forum 2021 

    Community Volunteer Positions: 
    Advancement Coordinator for Cub Scout Pack 503, 2019-Present 
    Huntington Barracudas Swim Team Awards Chairperson, 2020 
    Membership Co-Chairperson for the Century Hill Homeowners Association,  2021-Present 

    What makes you a good candidate for the General Home & School Exec Board? 

    I believe a candidate for the General Home & School Executive Board must have:             

    1. Passion 

    I believe that I am the best candidate for the General Home & School Executive Board because I have a passion for this district. I attended Prairie Elementary and Naperville North and six years ago convinced my husband that this was the district in which we needed to raise our son. I have the ability and desire to advocate for the entire student body, not just my own child.

    1. Commitment 

    I feel that while a position may be labeled as “volunteer” that does not mean that it has lesser importance. I would give my all to the position of Secretary, I firmly believe in the adage that any job worth doing is worth doing well. 

    1. Attention to Detail 

    My attention to detail has been highlighted with my work with the League of Women Voters of Naperville Candidate Forum. I have worked with other presidents to formulate the best questions for the event to garner the most informative responses. 

    1. Organizational Skills 

    Prairie Home & School has thirty-one committees that I oversee as President and this would not be achievable without my keen attention to detail and high level of organization. To be a successful committee chairperson and Executive Board member I have become proficient in Google Documents, Forms, and Sheets. 

    1. Creativity 

    During this pandemic, it has been important to find new means for the students to interact socially. At Prairie, my Executive Board and I developed a new program called the “Prairie Paws-itivity Pals Program”. This program randomly matches students with a Pal and then they perform at least one random act of kindness per month for each other. 

    Why do you want to be a member of the Board? 

    I would like to be a member of the Board because this past year I have gained a better understanding of the workings of Prairie Elementary, Home & School, district administration and the school board. I found that while this year has been challenging I have enjoyed learning about, being a part of, and contributing to the district community and wish to continue to do so at a higher level. 

    Additional information you’d like to share with the Nominations Committee: 

    My mother and father have always given back to the community by volunteering. For as long as I can remember they set the example that giving back what you can, be it in the form of money and/or time, should be a priority. I hope that my efforts help me to be the positive role model for my son that my parents are and have always been for me. 

    Should you choose me as the nominee for Secretary, know that I will strive to comport myself with dignity, treat all people and viewpoints with respect and uphold the General Home & School’s mission.