Frequently Asked Questions

  • The most frequently asked questions about the Naperville Central High School Home & School Association are:

    1. Who are Home & School members?

      All parents, teachers and administrators are members.

    2. Do I receive anything for my $10 donation?

      You will receive access to the online student directory.

    3. What type of activities is Home & School involved with?

      • Father-Daughter Dinner Dance
      • Mother-Son Brunch
      • Homecoming & Winter Dances
      • Parent Awareness Speakers 
      • Organizing Parent Coffees with the Principal
      • School Store
      • Senior Class Party
      • Variety of treats for the staff throughout the year; Various Graduation Activities; Alumni Recognition Refreshments
      • Arrange for Volunteers to work for many different occasions

    4. How can I become involved in a Home & School activity?

      Contact the Home & School President directly or through the Home & School e-mail address for more information.
    5. Is it too late to make my donation and receive access to the student directory?

      NO, it is not too late.  Just click on Directory for instructions.