• NCHS Procedures for Applying to College (Class of 2022)

    The resources below are for senior students who are applying to college. Use SchooLinks to track and organize your college applications as well as request supporting documents such as transcripts and letters of recommendation.

    The NCHS to College Hyperdoc is a one-stop-shop for answers to your questions about applying to college. Bookmark this resource and when you have questions about the college application process, refer back to this document. If you can't find the answer in this hyperdoc, contact your counselor or email and/or make an appointment with Mrs. Corder - mcorder@naperville203.org or www.calendly.com/mcorder.


    Mid-Year Transcripts (Class of 2022)

    Some colleges require submission of a mid-year transcript which shows first semester senior year grades. If you applied to a school on this list, you do NOT need to make a separate request. Your mid-year transcript will automatically be sent. If your college requires a mid-year transcript and is NOT on this list or you need it sent for a special circumstance, please fill out this form. Mid-year transcripts will be processed in late January when all grades are finalized.

    Counselor Recommendation Letters (Class of 2022)

    If your college requires a counselor letter of recommendation, please contact your counselor AND fill out your counselor's recommendation questionnaire at least 3 weeks before the deadline.


    Unofficial Transcript

    Access your unofficial transcript on Infinite Campus under Documents. Your unofficial transcript is particularly helpful if you need to self-report your courses and grades.